Master Paul - Artist

Through a lifelong study of ART I have explored the techniques of capturing the Light upon the subject of the painting. Through focus of mastering the world of art mediums,  i have gathered a great knowledge of creating many incredible works of art.

'Art is Everything'
- Everyday objects of necessity to the complexities of engineering; everything is a form of ART in and of itself. It is my personal goal to help others embrace the inner CREATOR within, and express each and every individual’s creative gift through working with each individual in exploring their artistic visions.

Who is 'Master Paul' ?
Some years ago i decided to use my middle name as a signature for my Artwork, a nickname often used by my students. I personally believe that our creative gifts originate from the center of ourselves, and being that our middle names are given so little recognition i thought it would be only fitting to be creative with my signature.  My personal background is quite diverse and i have been blessed with working with many mentors, and in a vast number of businesses such as: Film Studios, Animation, Blueprinting, Computers, Graphic Design, Painting, Custom Framing, General Construction, Horticulture, Floral Design, Aviation & Auto Mechanics, Glass Blowing, and Spirituality.

As the Masters of ART Historically & Present, I am inspired every moment by the scenery of my Northwestern Oregon home. Local Artists, Museums, and the Art of many cultures coalesces in our wonderful state, and a constant inspiration in my art endeavors. Capturing that brief moment of Lights Rays Illuminating the subject of my painting, is for myself the greatest joy when creating art.

As an Artist I enjoy creating Artwork that transcends time, and brings Joy to your Home, Office, or Business. My personal goal is to help other Artist realize their potential within to be a Creator, and embrace their inner Artistic gifts. Our goal at ArtHedron Studios & Gallery is to establish a foundation of knowledge for every Artist who desires to explore the relationships of Varying Mathematical Divisions of space within the dimensional planes of artistic creations. It is our hope through the reflected colors of the light upon the subject that you will be able to capture emotion within your art. Looking forward we hope to create more publicly accessible art facilities and materials for each & every individual to explore their creativity within.

Thank you for sharing a moment of your time to discover what our Studio has to offer, and your continued support.